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Among the services we offer to our clients are a series of lectures and webinars regarding matters of litigation, subrogation, claims management, and changes in the Workers’ Compensation Law.

Below is a partial list of the subjects on which we speak on, in addition to the ongoing written updates we provide to our clients. In addition to being able to present lectures in person, we have the capability of providing this same material to you via all electronic means.

Please contact our office in regard to arranging for our presentation of our seminars at your convenience. To view our current webinars please click here.

  1. Basic New York State Workers' Compensation Seminar: This seminar is basically a beginner’s seminar or refresher seminar, which introduces, addresses, and explains the numerous forms utilized by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board. The seminar also addresses the pertinent Sections of the New York State Workers' Compensation Law, which are crucial in the defense and adjusting of a Workers' Compensation claim.
  2. Medical Bill Dispute Procedure: This seminar addresses the changes of the law from the old A-1 procedure to the current medical bill dispute procedure involving the filings of C-8.1’s with regard to legal issues, and the filings of letters of objection with the medical providers with regard to medical arbitration procedures. This seminar also addresses the MD procedure with regard to procedures or treatment in excess of $500.00.
  3. HIPAA: This seminar addresses the applicability of HIPAA regulations to Workers' Compensation claims, and also addresses the Workers' Compensation Board C-110A confidentiality procedures.
  4. Section 15-8 and Section 25-a: This seminar addresses and explains Section 15-8 applicability, as well as section 25-a applicability. The seminar addresses the Special Funds current position with regard to both Sections, and explains the necessary documentation required in obtaining relief from the Special Funds. While the law has been changed in regard to eliminating each one of these sections for newer claims, we believe that knowledge of this information can assist you in regard to managing those claims that may have fallen under either provision, and its impact on any current claims.
  5. Loss Transfer: This seminar addresses the interplay between New York State No Fault Law and the New York State Workers' Compensation Law with regard to compensable injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.  It addresses the Workers' Compensation lien issues that arise in cases involving motor vehicle accidents. It also explains the method of recouping benefits paid in lieu of first party (no-fault) benefits.
  6. Apportionment: This seminar addresses the issue of apportionment of liability both medical and indemnity to prior non-work related and/or prior work related accidents and/or medical conditions. It addresses the recent case law with regard to the issue of apportionment.
  7. Voluntary Withdrawal: This seminar addresses the issues of voluntary withdrawal from the labor market and/or voluntary retirement. It covers the recent cases addressing the issues of voluntary withdrawal and voluntary retirement.
  8. Medicare:  This seminar addresses Medicare issues in Workers' Compensation Section 32 settlements. 
  9. Fraud: This seminar addresses Sections 114 and 114-A of New York State Workers' Compensation Law with regard to the issue of fraud, and covers recent case law interpreting those sections.
  10. Subrogation: This seminar addresses subrogation issues under Section 29 of the New York State Workers' Compensation Board with regard to third-party actions. The seminar also provides a comprehensive review of the Kelly Decision, and the recent Appellate Decision in Burns. The seminar also addresses loss transfer subrogation.
  11. Employers liability (1-B): This seminar addresses the interplay between Workers' Compensation claims and third-party inpleader actions, wherein the employer is inpleaded as a third-party defendant. It addresses the New York State Labor Law, and the recent change in the law with regard to “grave injuries.” 
  12. Wrap-Ups: This seminar addresses and explains Workers' Compensation wrap-up insurance policies, and self-insured controlled insurance programs.
  13. Occupational Disease: This seminar addresses the issue of occupational diseases within the New York State Workers' Compensation Law.

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