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We are dedicated to protecting the privilege that exists between attorney and client, and respecting the statutory privacy rights afforded to claimants. It is for that reason, and based upon current technology, that we will not post our individual reports and recommendations on any specific claim in any area of our site. However, as an ongoing service to our clients, we routinely prepare memoranda in regard to specific legal issues. This includes analysis of recent course cases, changes in the law, and any matter we believe will impact on the rights and responsibilities of employers and insurance carriers. In this protected area, you will find numerous memoranda dealing with these and other important matters. While this information is not a substitute for legal advice on any specific issue, your access to this centralized information is intended to not only inform, but to also allow you to limit your legal expenses in regard to those occasional general questions you may encounter from time to time.

If you do not already have a Client ID Name and Password, please contact us.

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