Appellate Practice

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive representation of our clients’ interests from the administrative level through the appellate level. Our attorneys routinely represent the interests of employers, fire and ambulance districts, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators in matters before the Appellate Division and Court of Appeals. By maintaining control and representation of such matters within the firm, we can use our familiarity with the claim and the parties involved throughout the administrative appellate process to present the strongest possible record on appeal to the Courts.

Our firm carefully monitors the progress of all cases pending before the Appellate Division and Court of Appeals, and stays in close communication with clients with respect to the status of claims. Whether representing the interests of our clients as appellant or respondent, we will continue to consider the ongoing exposure and expenses associated with any claim. Accordingly, we will review the tactical and strategic developments throughout the appellate process to identify if and when it may be advantageous to consider a negotiated resolution, rather than continued litigation.

With an in depth knowledge of the appellate procedure and monthly reviews of all appellate cases dealing with workers’ compensation and related matters, our attorneys have an extensive background in regard to legal precedent in not only arguing claims at the administrative and appellate level, but in providing equally important sound advice to our clients.

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